Join the Outdoor NC Movement

Outdoor NC and Leave No Trace invite you to Make It Your Nature to become a steward of North Carolina’s unique outdoor spaces by joining the Outdoor NC movement. Together we can protect the places we love for generations to come.

I will:

  • Respect North Carolina’s outdoor spaces, the wildlife that calls the state home, and my fellow visitors by practicing the Outdoor NC Leave No Trace Principles. 
  • Learn and respect the cultural norms of the places I visit. 
  • Plan my trip wisely, avoid times of peak visitation, and arrive prepared for the adventure ahead.
  • Play it safe when it comes to waterfalls, rip currents and other forces of nature beyond my control.
  • Stick to established trails and avoid damaging (or impacting) untouched natural areas.
  • Pack out my trash, clean up after my pet, and pitch in to remove trash when I see it outdoors.  
  • Avoid intruding on the habitats and areas where bears, wild horses, salamanders and other wildlife live.
  • Leave my adventure with pictures instead of collecting keepsakes from nature.
  • Treat everyone I encounter with patience and empathy, knowing there are some who may not be familiar with the principles of responsible outdoor stewardship.
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