Let's Start Exploring

From the highest mountain peaks in the west, to the beautiful lakes of the piedmont, and all along the coast there’s no shortage of outdoor adventures to enjoy. No matter what your brand of adventure might be we’re here to offer useful tips on how you can explore responsibly in North Carolina. Browse the featured adventures below.

Discover the Coast

What’s better than enjoying North Carolina’s 300 miles of barrier -island beaches, remote marshes, scenic sounds and recreational rivers? Knowing that by following these tips while you do, you’re preserving these stunning coastal ecosystems for future generations to explore.

Make a Cast

North Carolina has thousands of miles of streams, shorelines, rivers, lakes and gulf stream waters offering a chance to catch a variety of species and trophy game fish. Casual anglers and serious sportsmen alike can practice these simple fishing tips to help keep our waters pristine, wildlife safe and the future of fishing strong.

Go for a Ride

Whether you’re a pro or a first-time rider, before pedaling through North Carolina, be sure to review these helpful guidelines to help keep our trails infinitely enjoyable for generations to come!

Adventures with Pets

In North Carolina, we know there is nothing better than getting outside and adventuring with our furry friends. Follow these tips next time you head out with your pup to ensure you both have the best time!

Camp in a Hammock

North Carolina’s landscape provides a vast array of scenic settings that create the perfect backdrop for a hammock camping adventure. Whether you decide on a backcountry hammock camping trip or an easy, low-impact hammock session in your local park, sleeping under the stars and drinking in the beauty of nature makes for an unforgettable North Carolina outdoor adventure.

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